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Client Security - Password Manager

Developer Lenovo Group Limited

The Lenovo Password Manager is designed to help you manage Web passwords on your Lenovo 3000 computer. It stores and ...

Advanced Password Manager

Developer Rayslab Inc.

Advanced Password Manager keep all your passwords in one place!

Efficient Password Manager

Developer Efficient Software

Efficient Password Manager is a free but cross-platform password management application. She can help you remember ...

Password Manager Deluxe

Developer Kristanix Software

Password Manager Deluxe is a versatile application that helps you keep track of all your account names and passwords. With ...

BlackBox Password Manager

Developer BestSecurityTips LLC

BlackBox Password Manager is an easy-to-use password manager for Windows. The application stores your passwords in a highly ...

Aurora Password Manager

Developer Animabilis Software

Aurora Password Manager is a full-featured solution for storing website and e-mail access passwords ...

My Password Manager

Developer LastBit Software

My Password Manager is a simple and handy application that stores your passwords securely using 256-bit ...

Far Manager FTP Password recovery

Developer GeeOS Team

This program allows you to restore Far Manager FTP account's and passwords from your computer. Run it if you need ...

Wise Password Manager Free

Developer WisePasswordManagerFree, Inc.

Wise Password Manager Free is free password manager to manage the login IDs and passwords securely and ...

LargeSoftware Password Manager

Developer Large Software

Large Software’s Password Manager is a very useful and secure program application which keeps a record of all your ...

AES Password Manager

Developer AES Software

AES Password Manager is an advanced password management tool for both home users and enterprises. AES ...

Xilisoft Password Manager

Developer Xilisoft

Too many passwords to remember and afraid of password loss? Xilisoft Password Manager offers the best password ...

Cute Password Manager

Developer iBit-Lab

Cute Password Manager is a powerful and FREE program for logging into Web sites and filling forms. It's easy-to-use and ...

Steganos Password Manager 2007

Developer Steganos GmbH

Steganos Password Manager 2007 allows user to manage and organize passwords, user accounts, user names, credit card numbers ...

Cute Password Manager Pro

Developer iBit-Lab

Cute Password Manager is a powerful program for logging into Web sites and filling forms. It's easy-to-use and ...